Vanuatu citizenship by investment

Moving to the happiest country in the world Vanuatu. Vanuatu citizenship by investment

In many rankings, Vanuatu appears as the happiest country in the whole world, so every second person dreams of being in it at least once, and it is better to move.

Vanuatu is an island nation located in Oceania. The state has a rich past and an amazing present, so it constantly attracts crowds of tourists and immigrants. Many people believe that moving to Vanuatu will be able to change their lives. This is probably true, but you should be aware of some of the nuances before you start to draw up documents and change your passport.

To visit the state, you do not need to issue a special visa. This is a huge plus for those who want to go to Vanuatu in the near future because then the process will go much faster. Since the entry is carried out without a visa, workers will simply put the necessary stamps at the border at the customs services right at the border. In order to pass passport control without any problems and have a good time to rest or buy housing for immigration in the future, it is necessary to provide a package of documents:

  • passport, the shelf life of which is at least six months or more in the near future;
  • air ticket, which confirms the purpose of the trip;
  • finances, because without money it will be impossible to cross the border. Here you can provide investments, show bank accounts, vouchers, etc.

If a single adult is sent to Vanuatu with children, you must always have permission from your parents, which confirms that the child has crossed the border. It is important to note that the document is drawn up exclusively in English and all conditions must be written in it.

How to get citizenship of Vanuatu

In 2019, new opportunities appeared for the residents of our country, and the immaculate climate of the paradise island attracts people to get a second citizenship and live in the happiest state of the world for at least a few years because it has its advantages. Despite the good climate and quiet local life, to become your own and get citizenship of Vanuatu is actually difficult.

Foreigners have the right to obtain citizenship of the island state, having lived there for at least 10 years, after which it will be possible to file an official application. Unfortunately, this is the only legal way to become a resident of the state, if the person in the family does not have any of the relatives of the indigenous population of Vanuatu.

What is the standard of living of the island state

There are three state languages:

  • English;
  • French;
  • pidgin.

The level of security in the country is very high, the police constantly monitor the rule of law, and the locals welcome foreigners. As for prices, they are diverse in Vanuatu, there are both budget products and expensive ones. There is no income tax in the state at all, so almost everyone can live in the state well and with little money. No wonder this country is interested in an increasing number of people.